Jason Razavi, Attorney

Hi, I’m attorney Jason Razavi. I’m a licensed Michigan attorney. I know that it’s hard to live without a driver’s license in Northern Michigan. That’s why I work every day to help good people get their valid, legal licenses in Michigan.

Your chances of getting your license back depend on your actions both before and during the license reinstatement process. Let me show you what you need to do in order to be successful.

During my practice, I’ve represented clients in front of the very hearing officers that you’re likely to encounter in your license reinstatement case. I’ve also successfully appealed hearing officer orders in cases where people tried to go without an attorney and were initially denied.

I have the experience, skill and determination to help you succeed. Whatever your story, let’s work together to get you back on the road.

License Restoration Services in Traverse City

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If you’re ready to have a valid driver’s license in Michigan, call us at (231) 486-6366 to get started.

Types of Legal Services

In addition to license restoration cases, I can also help you with your criminal case, a family law case like a divorce, child custody or child support, personal injury or estate planning. Learn about my full range of legal services at Razavi Law, PLLC.