Michigan Driver’s License Restoration FAQs


Is it hard to get your driver’s license reinstated in Michigan?


It’s only hard to get your Michigan driver’s license reinstated if you don’t carefully prepare your case. You have to show the Secretary of State that you deserve a license. You need to know what they want to see, and you need to carefully prepare your evidence before you even set foot in court. That’s where our experienced Michigan lawyers for driver’s licenses can help. We’ve been there before, and we can help you prepare the evidence that the State of Michigan Secretary of State representatives want to see.


Can you get your driver’s license back if you have a drunk driving conviction?


Even if you have a conviction for drunk driving, there’s hope for getting your Michigan driver’s license back. You must show the hearing administrator that you’re low risk to re-offend. There’s a waiting period, and we can help you make sure that you use your time wisely. The hearing representative wants to know that you sought substance abuse treatment. They want to know that you attend meetings or have other supports to prevent a relapse. It’s possible to get your license back, but you have to do the right things. We can help.


Can an attorney represent you at a Michigan driver’s license restoration hearing?


Yes, our license reinstatement attorneys in Michigan can represent you at your hearing on your driver’s license. We speak on your behalf. We make sure to present the evidence in a way that the hearing officer will accept it and understanding. Together, we prepare to ask the right questions in order to show the hearing officer how you’ve addressed any concerns that are standing in your way of getting a license. Our experience can work for you in order to help you present your case in an effective way.