Driver’s License Reinstatement in Michigan

If you lost your driver’s license, the way to get it back depends on the reason that you lost it. Restoring your license may be as simple as paying a fine to the state. In other cases, license restoration in Michigan means filing for reinstatement with the Michigan Secretary of State. A representative from the Secretary of State reviews all of the evidence in a hearing. They make a decision about whether to grant you a license.

Secretary of State License Hearing

When you work towards reinstating your license, you start by taking the right steps to show the Secretary of State that you’re a great candidate to have a license. That’s where we come in. We help you gather the evidence in order to prove that you have the support of your family, friends and employers. We help you show the Secretary of State that you’re at a low risk for a drunk driving or drugged driving offense.

At your hearing, the Secretary of State asks a lot of questions. Your Secretary of State hearing is important. That’s why we carefully prepare with you for your hearing. We help you understand what kinds of questions the Secretary of State is going to ask. When you work with us, you walk into court prepared. We present the evidence in your favor and make arguments on your behalf so that the Secretary of State representative can make the right decision.

Don’t take chances with your driver’s license. We’ve helped hundreds of people successful restore a valid Michigan driver’s license. Contact us today.

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